Papil­io­ra­ma is a char­i­ta­ble non-prof­it orga­ni­za­tion, which aims at rais­ing aware­ness about the fate of trop­i­cal forests and nature world­wide, by invit­ing its vis­i­tors in the heart of nat­ur­al exhibits. A sis­ter-foun­da­tion of the Papil­io­ra­ma, the ITCF, pro­tects in a very con­crete way more than 23’500 hectares (235 km2) of pris­tine trop­i­cal nature in Belize, Cen­tral America.

Papil­io­ra­ma is the fruit of the imag­i­na­tion of its founder, Maarten Bijleveld van Lex­mond, a biol­o­gist from the Nether­lands. Togeth­er with his wife Cathe­line, he found­ed the first Papil­io­ra­ma in the can­ton of Neuchâ­tel in 1988. Papil­io­ra­ma was destroyed by a major fire on Jan­u­ary 1st 1995. Thanks to a huge nation­al wave of sol­i­dar­i­ty, the trop­i­cal house was rebuilt in the same year. Since the Papil­io­ra­ma could hard­ly devel­op fur­ther due to lack of space in Marin, the trop­i­cal house was relo­cat­ed to Kerz­ers in the heart of the Dreiseen­land in 2003. Since then, the insti­tu­tion has been under the direc­tion of Cas­par Bijleveld, the son of the found­ing couple. 

Papil­io­ra­ma and Noc­tura­ma in Kerz­ers were opened to the pub­lic in 2003. This was fol­lowed by the open­ing of the pet­ting zoo, the play­ground and the Swiss but­ter­fly gar­den (now Chli­tier­l­izäut) out­side. The third trop­i­cal dome, Jun­gle Trek, was com­plet­ed in 2008. The com­plex is con­stant­ly being enriched with new small­er exhibitions.


We protect 400 km2 of tropical forest in Belize.

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