Mission statement & Aims

The main aim of the founders of Papil­io­ra­ma has always been of an ide­al­ist nature. How­ev­er, the legal form did not cor­re­spond to this from the very begin­ning. Papil­io­ra­ma was found­ed as a lim­it­ed soci­ety. At the time, this was the only pos­si­bil­i­ty to get access to guar­an­teed cred­its. After the gigan­tic fire of 1995 and the result­ing spon­ta­neous dona­tions made through the Swiss pub­lic, which made pos­si­ble the recon­struc­tion of Papil­io­ra­ma, the soci­ety decid­ed to turn itself into a foun­da­tion of pub­lic util­i­ty. It was the first such case in Switzerland. 

The aim of the foun­da­tion is to intro­duce the pub­lic to the diver­si­ty of trop­i­cal and indige­nous fau­na and flo­ra and to active­ly con­tribute to their pro­tec­tion. The main tar­get groups are today’s young gen­er­a­tions. This is the rea­son why, the foun­da­tion offers spe­cial rates for guid­ed tours to school classes.


  • Michel Pit­tet, pres­i­dent, econ­o­mist, form. state min­is­ter of the Can­ton of Fribourg
  • Hans Stöck­li, advo­cate, mem­ber of the Sen­ate for the Can­ton of Bern, Biel
  • Katha­ri­na Hür­li­mann, for­mer May­or of Kerzers
  • Philippe Küpfer, for­mer pro­fes­sor of evo­lu­tion­ary botany, Uni­ver­si­ty of Neuchâtel 
  • Nicole Schwab, May­or of Kerzers
  • Thier­ry Mau­ron, econ­o­mist, for­mer direc­tor of Fri­bourg eco­nom­ic devel­op­ment agency
  • Cas­par Bijleveld, secr. of the Board, biol­o­gist, direc­tor Papiliorama
  • Maarten Bijleveld van Lex­mond, biol­o­gist, founder of Papil­io­ra­ma, Neuchâtel

Honorary members

  • Jan Louw­man, direc­tor Wasse­naar Wildlife Breed­ing, Netherlands
  • Geert van Mes­dag, lawyer, Morges (VD)
  • Susanne Schwan­der, for­mer may­or of Kerzers

Sponsoring association


L’ob­jec­tif prin­ci­pal est de soutenir le Papil­io­ra­ma dans le finance­ment d’ac­qui­si­tions et de nou­veaux bâti­ments, dans des occa­sions spé­ciales et dans l’or­gan­i­sa­tion de parrainages.


These insti­tu­tions and com­pa­nies reg­u­lar­ly sup­port us. Many thanks to them.

Gemeinde Kerz­ers


We protect 400 km2 of tropical forest in Belize.

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