We’re hap­py to orga­nize aper­i­tif par­ties for groups on pre-reser­va­tion. Please con­tact us.

Annu­al cards

With the Papil­io­ra­ma annu­al card you can vis­it the trop­ics in Kerz­ers for an entire year at a very inter­est­ing price. Annu­al tick­ets are also avail­able online. 

Ani­mal species

How many ani­mals species live in the exhibits of the Papil­io­ra­ma Foun­da­tion? A total of approx­i­mate­ly 220 dif­fer­ent ani­mal species and 2’000 indi­vid­u­als live in the exhibits.

Ani­mal adop­tions

Vis­it ProPa­pil­io­ra­ma

Best sea­son

Papil­io­ra­ma is open 363 day a year (except 25th and 1st of Jan­u­ary). There is always a lot to see in all the exhibits. The but­ter­flies are most active on sun­ny days. It’s a par­tic­u­lar­ly nice expe­ri­ence to vis­it in Win­ter when it’s cold out­side. On week­days in May and June many school class­es vis­it Papiliorama.


Papil­io­ra­ma is locat­ed near the See­land Veg­etable Path and at the cross­roads of the region­al cycle routes 94 (L’Areuse–Emme–Sihl) and 44 (Le Jorat–Trois Lacs–Emme). There is no motor­ized traf­fic on these trails.

Blind vis­i­tors

Papil­io­ra­ma also offers a great expe­ri­ence to blind vis­i­tors. In the largest part of the exhibits there are no stair­cas­es, steps or oth­er obsta­cles. On demand the Foun­da­tion offers guid­ed tours for groups of blind visitors. 


There are sev­er­al unsu­per­vised cloak­rooms in the vis­i­tors build­ing. The Papil­io­ra­ma Foun­da­tion is not liable for loss of items from the cloak­rooms. There are no lockers. 

Cof­fee, Crois­sants and Cake

We’re hap­py to serve you cof­fee and croissants/cake for your group event. Please con­tact us to make a reservation. 


Our domes boast a trop­i­cal cli­mate. It’s rec­om­mend­ed to dress in layers.

Deter­mi­na­tion of cater­pil­lars and but­ter­flies

We’re hap­py to deter­mine any cater­pil­lars and but­ter­flies if you send us a pic­ture. Please accord our biol­o­gist a few days time to take care of your demand, thanks for your patience.

Dis­abled per­sons

All exhibits and vis­i­tor facil­i­ties are acces­si­ble by wheel­chair and there is a wheel­chair acces­si­ble toi­let. Per­sons with a dis­abled per­son card pay the reduced entrance fee, accom­pa­ny­ing per­sons pay the nor­mal price.


Dicounts are grant­ed for groups of more than 10 per­sons (group rate) or students/ IV/ AHV. Fur­ther dis­counts can­not be grant­ed by the Papil­io­ra­ma char­i­ta­ble foun­da­tion. Dis­counts can­not be cumulated.


Dogs are not allowed with­in the facil­i­ty. This is also valid for blind guide dogs. The dogs and the part­ly free-liv­ing ani­mal inhab­i­tants of the Papil­io­ra­ma could be a dan­ger to each oth­er. You can leave your dogs in our Dog Hotel under­neath the entrance bridge dur­ing your vis­it. These large com­part­ments are equipped with a water bowl. Our recep­tion­ists can sup­ply you with a key for a deposit of CHF 20.-


The Papil­io­ra­ma is a pri­vate, unsub­sidised NGO. Ship­stern Nature Reserve belongs to the sis­ter foun­da­tion of Papil­io­ra­ma, the ITCF and is also an NGO. If you want to sup­port our insti­tu­tion, you have the fol­low­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties:

Adopt an ani­mal or become a mem­ber of the friends’ asso­ci­a­tion ProPa­pil­io­ra­ma.

Adopt your own hectare or make a dona­tion towards Ship­stern Nature Reserve.

Become a spon­sor of one of our new exhibits.

We’re hap­py to dis­cuss the pos­si­bil­i­ties with you in detail. Please con­tact us.


The cov­ered bicy­cle park­ing spaces are equipped with 280V sockets.

Edu­ca­tion­al mate­r­i­al

The Papil­io­ra­ma Foun­da­tion offers dif­fer­ent edu­ca­tion­al mate­ri­als such as in-depth brochures, ques­tion­naires and an edu­ca­tion­al game. Please find detailed infor­ma­tion here.

Elec­tric vehi­cles

An «Energie 360» charg­ing sta­tion is avail­able direct­ly next to the entrance to the Papiliorama.

Found cater­pil­lars and pupae

Found cater­pil­lars and pupae should be left in their nat­ur­al sur­round­ings. Please put them in a place with nat­ur­al veg­e­ta­tion, so that they can con­tin­ue their devel­op­ment. Pupae of indige­nous but­ter­flies should nev­er be tak­en indoors for hibernation. 

Found but­ter­flies

You’ve found a but­ter­fly in the mid­dle of win­ter and do not know what to do? Pupae of indige­nous but­ter­flies should be kept out­side dur­ing the win­ter­time. In win­ter­time but­ter­flies can be fed arti­fi­cial­ly with sug­ar water in coloured PET- drink­ing bot­tle lids, but they will not live for long inside.

Indige­nous but­ter­flies

We exhib­it indige­nous but­ter­flies, wild bees and oth­er bugs in our out­side Bug Big­top. Obser­va­tions are weath­er-depen­dant and usu­al­ly pos­si­ble from April to October. 

Guid­ed tours

Detailed infor­ma­tion can be found here.

Jun­gle Din­ner

Learn more about out exclu­sive group offers (>30 per­sons) here.

Open­ing hours

Win­ter­time: dai­ly from 10am. to 5pm.
Sum­mer­time: dai­ly from 9am. to 6pm.
(accord­ing to the offi­cial Euro­pean time changes)

Noc­tura­ma opens all year round from 10am.

Papil­io­ra­ma clos­es only on the 25th of Decem­ber and 1st of January.

Out­door activ­i­ties

The large out­side premis­es of Papil­io­ra­ma are a haven for local nature. Embed­ded in a land­scape with dry and wet biotopes, there are var­i­ous attrac­tions such as the pet­ting zoo «Zoë-Zoo», the nature play­ground, the water play­ground, the Bug Big­top with native but­ter­flies and oth­er small ani­mals, the wild bee cal­en­dar, as well as a bird hide and plen­ty of space for picnicking.


There is a large park­ing area which belongs to the munic­i­pal­i­ty of Kerz­ers. The park­ing fee is CHF 4.- per car. Near the entrance there is a spe­cial park­ing area for dis­abled per­sons. Please fol­low the signs at the access to the main park­ing area. 


Pho­tog­ra­phy for pri­vate pur­pos­es is allowed in all the exhi­bi­tions except Noc­tura­ma. For com­mer­cial pho­tog­ra­phy, how­ev­er, the Foun­da­tion must be request­ed in advance. It is also pos­si­ble to take spe­cial adver­tis­ing pho­tographs, e.g. of but­ter­flies. Please con­tact us.


Vis­i­tors are allowed to pic­nic in the marked area in the restau­rant and on the out­side premis­es. Table reser­va­tions can only be made if food and drinks are bought in our restaurant. 


The Papil­io­ra­ma has a large nat­ur­al play­ground called «Pon­go Plaza», a climb­ing course and a water play­ground. The play­ground is most­ly cov­ered by a light for­est and offers many shady places as well as pic­nic tables.


The Papil­io­ra­ma Foun­da­tion has only a small adver­tis­ing bud­get. Send requests to marketing@papiliorama.ch.


Where do Papil­io­ra­mas pupae come from? The pupae come from sus­tain­able breed­ing projects in dif­fer­ent trop­i­cal coun­tries ex. Kipepeo Project in Kenya or El Bosque Nue­vo in Cos­ta Rica.

Restau­rant accesabil­i­ty & Jun­gle Restau­rant

Vis­its to the Jun­gle Café are only pos­si­ble with entrance tickets.


The large self-ser­vice restau­rant offers a large vari­ety of hot and cold home-made meals, drinks, desserts and snacks. Upon reser­va­tion, we also offer cof­fee and croissants/cake, aper­i­tifs and jun­gle lunch­es or din­ners. Please con­tact us to make a reservation.


Smok­ing is not allowed in the indoor facil­i­ties of Papil­io­ra­ma. It is only allowed on the terrace.


With­in the trop­i­cal domes there is a mean tem­per­a­ture of 25°C and a humid­i­ty of 80%. We rec­om­mend vis­i­tors to deposit their jack­ets and coats in the cloakrooms.


How long does it take to vis­it the exhibits of Papil­io­ra­ma? We rec­om­mend you to plan at the very min­i­mum 2–3 hours for your visit.


Papil­io­ra­ma sits along the train route between Kerz­ers and Lyss. There is a train stop called «Kerz­ers Papil­io­ra­ma» right next to our insti­tu­tion. Rail­away offers dis­count­ed packages.


All exhibits are acces­si­ble by wheel­chair. There are three wheel­chairs avail­able to the vis­i­tors. Please make a reser­va­tion at contact@papiliorama.ch.


We protect 400 km2 of tropical forest in Belize.

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